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If you love travel, you can not fail to visit Lake Baikal! If you love nature, then you can not fail to visit Lake Baikal! If you love fresh air and clean water, then you can not fail to visit Lake Baikal! If you love the sun, you can not fail to visit Lake Baikal!


And we can satisfy all your desires on rest on Lake Baikal!


On our site you can find yourself any kind of rest - from active tour to lazy lying on the sand Baikal. Choosing a place, time and accommodation on the shores of Lake Baikal, you can by filling out the form, send us a request and our managers will contact you. You can simply call or contact by ICQ.


We look forward to your requests and are always happy to help you with the rest of Lake Baikal!

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Baykal, this unusual lake situated in the south of Eastern Siberia. By law, it is the deepest lake in the world, as has unique features and is the largest store of water on our planet His old lady with nothing in the world can not be compared by age, depth, stocks and properties of fresh water, diversity and endemism of organic life. Since ancient times it was the naming of the sacred sea, glorious, gray and menacing. You can also mark such epithets as: "world's primary source of drinking water", "blue eye of Siberia", an oasis of untouched nature of the Earth, "" sacred center of North Asia "," bogodelannoe creation "," sacred gift of nature, "" natural monument with unique landscapes, "" priceless treasure of the genetic wealth of the Earth, "a miracle of limnology, the center of the unique natural values." Therefore, it is hardly surprising that Baikal in 1996, listed as "World Heritage" by UNESCO, as such unique features does not have any lake on Earth.


It is no accident that Baikal attracts tourists from all over as Russia, and from all corners of the globe. The first major influx of tourists of course, goes to the banks of the great lakes in the summer. Warm up to normal temperature water on the coast of the Small Sea, the golden beaches of Olkhon, fishing on the Gulf Coast Chivyrkuy - all this attracts the tourists and the phrase "rest on Baikal" is a recent brand.


Everyone can find here a vacation to taste. Parents with children can have a great time on camp or Kultushnaya Olkhon. Separately, there is also a great many children's holiday camps - from the tent, to the language, where each interaction occurs only in English.
For lovers of active rest, there is also something to do. At Lake Baikal can go diving, though of course this is not the Red Sea, but the harsh beauty of the bottom of Lake Baikal are no less magnificent. In addition, the very nature implies its active development. This horse riding, which in recent years become increasingly popular. This is rafting down mountain rivers Baikal. This bicycle tour along the shores of Lake Baikal. And finally, it is simply walking tours.
In addition, almost every hostel Baikal coast developed their sightseeing tours that will allow vacationers more fully appreciate the grandeur and beauty of Lake Baikal.


However, not only in the summer attracts Baikal for lovers of pristine nature. In recent years, an increasing number of tourists arriving in Irkutsk on Lake Baikal and in the winter. Among booming ski attractions on the coast of Lake Baikal. Best known in Russia and abroad, has a ski resort mountain sable. No chance here in time to come, Vladimir Putin, who was then president of Russia. There are other ski slopes, which, however, rest mainly local residents. In addition, attractive and ice diving, which allows to get new impressions of Lake Baikal. There are proposals for ice fishing, dog sledding, etc.


Also, every winter in Irkutsk on the shores of Lake Baikal, a "Winteriada", during which various sports and entertainment events. "Winteriada" in recent years, attracting more visitors from all over Russia and other countries.


In spring and autumn on the shores of Lake Baikal, you can also relax. Various entertainment, unusual cruises, cruise like "For the departing ice. Begins (or ends) the various active tours.


So, rest on the lake, this business year round. You can here prezzhat at any time and at any time to find a lesson on taste!