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Small Sea - a strait between the sacred island of Olkhon and the western shore of Lake Baikal. This area is one of the most famous and popular parts of the lake. Here and in the warmest water, and preserved relic plants and amazing in its beauty landscapes. Getting to the Small Aral Sea can be mainly by road.

Prior to the Cape Kurminskogo (29 km) along the shore of Little Sea gravel road, with improved surface, but on up to the camp site "Zama" and the settlement Onguren forest road, with large boulders, stones and fords across streams. When is the rainy season the road becomes particularly complex and sometimes rough enough to marsh Cape Ulan Hanscom.

On the road for the village of Kurma you will not find the presence of kilometer posts. So to make it easier to navigate from the description, it may be advisable at the fork (113 km, a pointer - "On Chernorud") counter-su exact path to switch to the zero mark. And thus, the distance to the tourist base "Zama" along the bank of the Lesser Sea of Mr. Gates - 88 km.

Estimated average time on the road without stopping (in Burkhanov, for example) - 3 hours 30 minutes. If, however, is in a hurry and stop to take photos and rest, the journey would take more than 4-5 hours.

10 km at the beginning of the road winds through the mountains above the bay Muhor between deciduous forest. Beyond the bridge over the river Chernorud (1,9 km) begins the ascent to a small pass (4,7 km) with a fairly steep descent.

And now with the pass road is visible on his face, and tourists make a stop here to take a picture.

For the tourists themselves get to the place of rest, will undoubtedly prove that the 10-th km of the road are the lapels of the tourist bases: left - to the tourist camp "Baikal-Dar", right - to bases "Cara" and "Shida.

You can also make a stop at the pass, the height of which (540 m, and walking about the right of the hill (600 m). From this summit provides a wonderful panoramic view Gulf Muhor. This shows that under the mountain, along the shore Khuzhir- Nugayskogo Bay, is an old road with a steep rise over the sharp stones, and then reunites with dear old village Sarma with a new gravel road. Khuzhir-Nugaysky juts into the Gulf coast between Cape Ulirba and Delta Sarma. In the middle of the entrance to the bay are small rocky islands Toynak and Big Toynak bordered by shoals. They serve as a nesting herring gulls. Quite good viewing platform is at 11-12-th km, the lapels of her visible from the road.