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Письменные работы для студентов в г. Иркутске

Welcome to the tourist center "Magnet Baikal - an agency that will help you pick up any kind of rest on Lake Baikal and Irkutsk around!

We have been in the tourist market for more than three years and during that time managed to collect a unique database of proposals for recreation in the Lake Baikal region Pribaikalsky.

Our team consists of young and active, in the majority or graduates or students of the Department of Tourism of Irkutsk State University, as our company is a subdivision of the Faculty of service and advertising ISU.

We therefore attach great importance to youth recreation and ready to offer students and young people of Irkutsk different tours at an economical price, as at Lake Baikal, and in Russia and abroad.

And so we offer discounts on international certificates ISIC, ITIC, IYTC.

However, we are pleased to work with other age groups, because that work with them, our employees gain valuable experience and learn to be professionals in their field. They have not yet acquired the professional cynicism, and therefore suited to each client as to the first and only!

You will be pleased to communicate with us! Come!

We pay special attention to facilitating the search for the rest of our clients. To do this, we provide as much information on our website, so you can navigate and select the holiday of your choice. You are, after viewing the necessary information, fill out the application form, with which our managers begin immediate work. They inform you about the possibilities of your holiday at one or another camp site, negotiated all your questions and make a contract. After that, you only need to pay for your holiday and look forward to future vacations.

Method of payment

Having a site your reservation request, our manager checks availability at your selected tours and notify your e-mail or call back to you specified during registration phone. After receiving confirmation from it, you can pay the tour by selecting the most convenient way for you to:

Cash couriers (for Irkutsk)

Cash payment means payment in rubles according to our internal exchange rate at the time the tour. Messenger sends you a document confirming payment and booking.

Transfer money from your account

You can send money for the ticket from your account at our expense, for this request by non-cash payment for the tour by calling (3952) 19/11/1952 or 931-802, or send an e-mail magnit-official @ yandex. ru. Please note that booking your order will be made only after the money will be transferred to our account!! To expedite the paperwork, let us know the number and date of posting of the payment order. To do this, call (3952) 19/11/1952 or 931-802) or send an e-mail magnit-official@yandex.ru

If you do not have a checking account you can pay the rest through Sberbank. After registration and booking of your chosen tour, we will send you a receipt of Sberbank, which allows you to transfer money to us.

Courier delivery of documents

Courier delivery of documents around the city by our staff members. When buying a tour or package tours will be the first visit by a courier to you free of charge. Additional travel courier cost of 150 rubles. Except the delivery of tickets, vouchers and insurance.