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Baikal kitchen

For a long time the local population lived off the gifts of the taiga and the lake. The dishes are not marked by diversity, but were nutritious and practical. Hunters and fishermen know a lot of exotic recipes for cooking on the fire, with hot stones and coals. Extracted meat and fish, smoked, dried and salted for future use. Of berries and mushrooms for the winter stockpile. The combination of fish, game and seasonings distinguish Siberian taiga table of European cuisine.

The local highlight was salted Baikal omul, delicate taste of fame which is known far outside of Siberia. There are different ways to his ambassador in viscerated and ungralloched form, depending on recipe preparation and the time elapsed from the date of salting, varies widely and the taste of fish. Svezhesoleny omul are so delicate that it at once eaten several tails, even those who usually avoids the fish. Among gourmet, he is valued as an ideal snack for chilled vodka.
Many tourists are trying to take away goodies to friends and family Baikal omul. For transportation is recommended to buy salmon, cold smoked and pack it in paper instead of plastic bags so crushed.
It is also widely known Siberian meat dumplings the Siberian.
In the old days, hunters, going into the forest they took with them in canvas bags, frozen dumplings, which was enough to throw into boiling water, and after their ascent tasty and fragrant dish is ready. In most restaurants you can Unhide ravioli, cooked according to a more complicated recipe: in bone broth with liver, in pots, covered freshly baked bread. Very tasty and fried dumplings.

A special feature of cooking meat in Siberia, in the taiga are seasonings from the fern and wild garlic, which rolled into pieces. The dishes are served baked in the oven potatoes and frozen berries, cranberries or cranberry frequently. Hunters on one recipe wild meat cut thin long pieces, cool fall asleep with salt, mix in a pot and a string of wooden sticks or branches. Then stick them around the campfire coals and vyalyat in smoke. Cooked this way the meat is stored long summer. During the movement of pieces of good chew to maintain power and restore the lack of salt in the body.

Home kitchen Siberians are very different from the restaurant menu. Typically, houses are storing for the winter a lot of pickles. If you get a visit to the Siberians, the table must be the tomatoes in own juice, cucumbers, cabbage, mushrooms and pickled mushrooms, pickled butter mushrooms, homemade caviar from squash, jam from taiga berries. Sauerkraut sometimes cook with cranberries or cranberry. Less can be seen salad of ferns and wild garlic.

And, of course, the table is unthinkable without pie. They may be the most intricate shapes and with different fillings: with cranberries, fish, onion, rice, mushrooms and egg. Tea with jam from berries of the Siberian and homemade cakes - a traditional treat for guests. Sometimes the tea add frozen cranberries, or sea buckthorn on the table, put a drink or cranberry juice.

Food bore, usually simple to prepare and nutritious, is dominated by meat and dairy dishes. Popular in Siberia, particularly widespread in the Republic of Buryatia Buryat posture. For their preparation is minced meat minced pork, lamb and beef. The filling is rolled into the dough so that the top was a hole for steam to escape. Poses quickly steamed boiling oil in pan. Inside the remains hot melted fat, so be careful, for the first time trying them. Rarely, but it can still be found in the villages tarasun - Alcohol-tonic drink milk, which has an odor, and Salamat - dairy product prepared from high-quality sour cream on the fire when boiled with the addition of salt, flour and cold water.

Baikal ear to smoke the fish in the pricks, salad of fresh wild garlic can be truly appreciated only by a forest fire during a trip to Lake Baikal. Exotic dinner-Baikal includes the faint light the fire, a few old newspapers, which is covered with a simple table, blackened pot of boiled potatoes, a bunch of wild garlic and lots of salted omul.

But such exotic dishes as stroganina (raw frozen meat venison), or raskolotka (raw fish is fresh frozen Baikal), which are used as raw with spices, often offered guests during the winter hunting or fishing as an appetizer delicacy to alcohol. Avoid trying to bearish meat, even heat-treated, if not his veterinary expertise.

Bracken. Pickled shoots of perennial class paporotnikoobraznyh long been used for food in Korea, Japan and China. In Siberia the fashion for both cold and hot dishes of fern, having a kind of mushroom flavor, came in the early 1990's., After the beginning of massive pieces of this plant to Japan.

Usual time gathering fern - June, when he had not yet bloomed, when the leaves are still curled in the form of buds form. The best time to collect - the first half of the day, when the plant is wet with dew. Young shoots are cut at a height of approximately 10 cm from the ground. Collected ferns are processed on the spot. Technology properly salted rather complicated and involves three phases. Harvested fern associated food in bundles with rubber bands and placed in layers, sprinkling them with salt abundantly, in wooden barrels, with the bottom of the hole with a cork. Above press down with stones to oppression. A week later, through the bottom drain hole formed brine, and the two lower rows of beams emit. The upper layers shifted downward, make a 10 percent solution of salt and pour them fern. Even after one week the brine is drained and replaced.
For quick cooking fern thoroughly washed and boiled for 5 minutes in a 10-percent salt solution, and then again washed in cold water, slice onions and fry in vegetable oil with potatoes, mushrooms and onions.

Cooking recipes for fish on the Baikal RYBAKOV

AMBASSADOR DRY. Omul washed under running cold water of Lake Baikal, ripper, gills removed, thoroughly cleaned out, pour salt, optional pinch of salt salt inside the head, back and sides. Maloe fishermen prefer coarse salt (GOST 00), because small dissolves rapidly and the surface is obtained salted fish is stronger than the inside (uneven ambassador). It is better to use a wooden container, but if there is no suitable and enamelled tanks. In a wooden container omul tightly fit head to tail, tail to head, incised belly up to the resulting brine remained in the fish. Each row of extra lard with salt. The fish is loaded from top to press down, to give brine (brine). Press down the best stones, which are not oxidized in the brine. After a day of 1-1,5-salted salmon can be eaten. Especially prized delicate taste salty omul the 2 nd day after salting.

There are two types Ambassador: Ambassador of the peasant - it Gutted fish and kulturka - ungralloched. Gourmets consider the cultural taste of salted omul more refined, as they believe, because of the preservation of viscera becomes more salty and fragrant than viscerated. In glaciers salted fish can be kept all summer.

For curing unpicked salted omul stretch on wooden splinter, piercing their fish across, and hung in a dry ventilated place. Wooden sticks are not to be resinous, not to spoil the taste of omul.
Cold smoked fish. Take the salted fish (1,5 days) and well washed in running water of Lake Baikal from the remnants of brine and coarse salt, dried at Vjalkov (hanging head down to leaking excess fluid). Then it hung in the shade in a ventilated place for 1-2 days. With proper drying surface becomes dry, but moisture is still inside, so the fish is obtained after curing gold. When dry the surface properly, the fish becomes brown. Smoking is a wooden box in the ground, it filled with sawdust and ignited to smoldered. Smoke from the duct passes through the 3-meter pipe, buried in the ground, cooling the combustion products are deposited on pipe walls, and a lamp with a fish in the end comes cold smoke without carbon black. Oil lamp should be leakproof. A continuous process of decay of sawdust (usually pine) is continued for 2-3 days.

Fish smoked. For hot smoking is recommended to use wood in the cortex (fruit species: apple, cherry). Birch is not used due to the presence of tar, which gives the fish bitterness. It is desirable to prepare fish is at once the fire until it went hot juice (usually 20 minutes of preparation). During storage is limited, hot-smoked fish (almost a boiled fish) is not recommended to take, for example, for transportation to Moscow - it is broken up during transportation and crumbles.

FISH IN Rozhnov. This is a traditional recipe Baikal fishermen. Fish cooked on hot coals from the fire. It is strung on wooden Rozhny head down, but do not pierce the tail, that it is not to slip during cooking. Rozhny stuck obliquely over charcoal fire and occasionally turn to fish heated uniformly. Pre-in scales made 3-4 oblique incision from the ridge to the belly, to fish better Prosol and fry. The surface rubred salt. Wood for the pricks are selected such that it is well kept and the temperature does not char (larch). It should be dry and resinous, otherwise the fish will take the smell tar. Rozhny to fish in its own juice (neporotaya fish) must have a working part of a more subtle, to be proporot fish from head to tail. For flogged fish Rozhny produce broader 1,5-2 fingers to prepared pieces are not falling apart. Trouble pushing along the ridge to the touch, not to damage the gallbladder. Major big fish is cut into large pieces and parts is placed on the Rozhny. In properly cooked fish scales can be easily separated from the pulp. The taste depends on the method and the cooking time. Eat fish, preferably immediately, with the heat of the fire.

Zagato. Fresh fish, the best greasy gray grayling or whitefish carefully cleaned of scale, gut, wash in running water from the blood is cut along the backbone into two halves, separated all the bones and cut into slices for 3 ~ 4 cm Cooked slices dipped in strong salt solution ( 1 cup salt to 1 liter of cold boiled water) for 20 minutes. After that, back in the colander, to stack the brine and add chopped onions, black pepper, vegetable oil. All rams are mixed tightly in jars and the finished product is removed in the refrigerator. In the food can be eaten immediately after cooking. The taste of fish depends on the addition of ingredients, you can fill it with oil with the addition of various spices, which may include mayonnaise and mustard. Especially tasty are obtained salmon and whitefish. Besides the fish flat deployed plastics can marinated in olive oil (soaked for 30 minutes). You can also fillet is not separated from the bones.

GRUZINCHIKI. Fish roll on Olkhon prescription N. Bencharova: preparing a layer of dough for ravioli, roasted separately fish mince with onion. Filling wrapped in dough, as in the preparation of stuffed pancakes, and all this is fried. Ready-roll cut into small pieces - "gruzinchiki and served warm with melted butter. Also available cooking meatballs and ravioli from minced fish meat and roasting large pieces of fish in batter.

Gefilte fish in foil. Thoroughly cleaned fresh fish stuffed with herbs and spices, which may include lemon juice, tomato paste, a weak solution of vinegar, red pepper, green or wild onions, garlic, mayonnaise, cheese. Gefilte fish is placed in foil incised belly up to during the preparation did not express the resulting juice. Wrapped in two or three layers of foil and bake on the grid over the coals campfire until cooked.

Fried fish. It is best to cook fresh Lenka (spring), or the fat white and gray grayling (but not black), or whitefish. Tastes best freshly caught fish, the fisherman is not asleep, when after the catch has not exceeded two hours. Large whitefish cut into the ridge, and then large chunks of layers, that they can fry. Oil must be free of foreign odors. It is better to fry in butter, fresh melted fat seal or internal fat cattle. As of 1 kg of fish should be about 100 grams of butter. Preliminary round big fish is cleaned and freed from scales, flattens, remove gills and entrails. Flattened fish are not washed in running water, so it does not lose flavor. They washed it only newcomers to the lake, these fishermen will never wash evisceration fish. For golden brown pieces of meal, which is added salt and black pepper. Preferable gray powder or crushed crackers. Properly cooked fish is flat, crisp, nelopnuvshuyu skin. Fry it in a large skillet that she went with her head. Fried whole fish in different parts of the body has a different taste. When the big fish fried with one hand, it overturned on the other side, in the pan add chopped onions. The dish with cooked fish, decorate with greens and slices of lemon.

EAR FOR RECIPE A. Burmeister. For the soup is better to take a fat fish, grayling and whitefish. Fish is not washed out, if it is fresh. From this is obtained most delicious ear. For this soup should be a lot of fish, full of pot. The fish is immersed in cold salted water and cook for 7-10 minutes, when cooked, pull out and cook a little longer "muhler" (broth), adding a pinch of ud rice, chopped potatoes and onions. If the fish does not pull out, it will collapse. Tasty ear turns on a fire of hardwood and pine wood. It is noticed that the burning embers, falling into the pot, add a piquant flavor the broth, so the local fishermen call it "ear with a smoke." An unforgettable experience of this soup can be obtained only on the shore of Lake Baikal, in the twilight when the light of the fire, the sound of the surf and the drinking song "Glorious Sea - Holy Baikal.

On the eastern shore of the lake cook soup for another recipe. Chivyrkuy Bay, where the net gets diverse fish: perch, burbot, pike, grayling and whitefish white, cooked "triple ear." For its preparation needs greater capacity. All fish guts, but it does not wash. Sors and noble fish is sorted. Sors ripped, but not purely from the scales. Noble clean round of the scales and slit. In cold water, lay the rice, chopped potatoes and a gauze bag litters fish (crucian, burbot, ide). When the fish is boiled soft, it pounded and squeezed into the main broth remains, along with the gauze removed. The second is laid in clean gauze perch, also purified from the scales. When he cooked, it just squeeze and remove the remains together with gauze. It turns out the broth of the two varieties of fish, it added various spices. Then put the pieces of a noble fish, cleaned of scales, and cook for 7 minutes, until the eyes of fishes are not whiten. Then pull the fish from the broth, add some salt to it, and additionally served on the table in a separate dish.

OMULEVAYA ICRA. Taste of eggs depends on how the thrashing fish - in the block (just rip the stomach) or into the bed (just rip the spine). It is unacceptable for blood and bile in the calf. For spacing (release of eggs from the film) are made the cross from the top of a special young green larch. Nominate the crown length of 30-50 cm, which are at least four appendages in different directions to 1,5-2 cm Then the cross released from the cortex, is clamped between your hands and turn in the tank with caviar, as the extraction of the fire, occasionally taking a knife to the folds her film. This operation continues until, until the whole film is broken and the eggs are not separated from each other. In qualitative weaning should not even be two eggs film. Then the eggs are washed in the water - more water, the purer the product. With 2 eggs taken enameled container not less than 10 liters. Purest crack market a sink to the bottom, and all the pieces of the film, blood, and immature eggs float to the surface. All top turbid solution is discharged. This procedure is repeated many times, until, until the water with caviar will not be pure. If such water with a layer of eggs on the bottom of a chat and see the color of the solution should be homogeneous, without any impurities. Cleaning caviar is over, and you can start pickling. There are two ways: a five-minute and slow.

For five minutes of salted boiling water is taken, sprinkled salt as much as dissolve, ie it becomes saturated solution. Use coarse salt (GOST 00). Caviar is poured into a cheesecloth and dip into the hot brine.

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